• I want to be me again

    Moments hold me close, pull me away from the darkness, Shower me in remembrance, free whispered smiles, from behind a locked, calloused [...]

  • Absent of You

    Hope rose through whispered depths. Voices taunting at fingertips step. Unrequited heart beats through. Another day absent of you.

  • Jeneva

    Tonight I found things that had been missing so long I had forgotten I’d lost them. Some sparked smiles from a version [...]

  • It Just Happens

    You can't help giving your heart away friendship turns to love... it just happens. No forewarning, you act and think in possibilities... [...]

  • Inconvenient

    My mind outwits my senses. Love is damned inconvenient when it’s real,  attaching itself to places in my soul I never knew [...]

  • Awaken a Smile

    Taste each color, Red, green and blue Be silly and play, Use a branch for a tool, Smell with your ears, Listen [...]

I began writing around the time my first granddaughter was born, in early 2008. It was sparked by a friend who was so excited to recount her experience with a hummingbird, earlier that day. A little poem came to me and a couple hours later, I emailed off my first work – Hummingbird Kiss. Her reaction to the poem was an adorable and a teary-eyed thank you. So, I continued to write when the mood struck me and I grew to love it.  I think if I could do one thing, it would be to write. Who knows, maybe soon! Enjoy and please, leave your comments and thoughts.

~ Rudolph

Heart Works


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On the final stop, before expiring for the night, a butterfly happened on an old man walking. “How are you today sir?” asked the butterfly. Not stopping, the old man replied: “I am [...]

Somebody’s Somebody

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Once a loving mother, living on the street' haunted reminiscence' away from hope’s retreat. Little league playing brother, in a moment lost his way, mislead pride of others, now steel bars for all [...]

Time Stands Still

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Soft breaths wisp gently brushed lobe tender neck kiss awakened sensations ignite every cell lips move close breaths entwined stalling at heartbeats unfolding... accepting fingertips softly encircling arms... Shoulders smoldering neck anticipation beckoning [...]

Kid’s Stuff

Mr. Turtle’s Home

Mr. Turtle moving from place to place, he had a full day keeping the lawn neat and trimmed. For a slow guy, he got around the [...]

Mongo & Me

Licked face in the morning, Mongo woke first today. Saying, Hi I'm happy to see you! Come on, let's go, let's play! Washed behind our ears, [...]

Canvas in the Sky

White puffy clouds, a paintbrush for the eye, sculpted by the wind, a canvas in the sky. This one is a zebra, that one a giraffe, [...]

My Thoughts

Time Machine

The soft cry of a Hopi flute in-weaves a solemn, steady drumbeat, gently imposing on visitor's conversations, adding richness to the moment that most are unaware. [...]

What is your Ikigai?

In a small village outside of Osaka, a woman in a coma was dying. She suddenly had a feeling that she was taken up to heaven [...]

It is Simple

Dormant embers ignite an existence that begins with a single spark. The incontestable knowledge that unveils itself with questionable timing. Is the universe playing a joke [...]


Time Machine

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The soft cry of a Hopi flute in-weaves a solemn, steady drumbeat, gently imposing on visitor's conversations, adding richness to the moment that most are unaware. [...]


Jagged Edge

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At the precipice, I stop, gazing over the edge my life flashes. Do I risk crashing, gashing, maiming or should I hold back? Knowing loss too [...]

I love this, love its mood and quiet, humane wisdom. Rudolph Salbein’s debut collection Heartworks is a clear-eyed, deeply gifted meditation. It is, by turns, wise, romantic and unalterably humane – Buy this book.

~ Charles Bane, Jr. Two -time Pushcart Prize Nominee – Author The Chapbook, and New Poems “Nuevos Poemas.