Time Machine

The soft cry of a Hopi flute in-weaves a solemn, steady drumbeat, gently imposing on visitor’s conversations, adding richness to the moment that most are unaware.

The wind silently walks through quiet villages, built into the rock, hundreds of years ago, echoing the past.  It Elevates the condor’s outstretched […]

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It is Simple

Dormant embers ignite an existence that begins with a single spark. The incontestable knowledge that unveils itself with questionable timing. Is the universe playing a joke to keep us off balance or does God have a plan that has been laid out from the beginning?

Where does […]

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Death of Friendship

We’re lucky to have a few close friendships in our lives, That effortless connection that seems like it’s always been and will never go away,

Ups and downs lay the foundation or take their toll on the road to becoming closer or further apart,

Sometimes you simply speak less […]

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The Wild

Watching and waiting for another bite to be taken, I stood by careful to make my presence as unnoticed as possible; not wanting the aggression during their time of feeding to turn my way. Clouds here and there scattered against the perfect blue sky. The sun beat […]

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Turned 60 today

I am humbled by friends and family reaching out here, calls, texts, some from thousands of miles, to make this birthday special. I’ve been traveling a lot lately, but being back in Georgia, while far from home and my kids and grand-babies, which sucks, I was not […]

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Unrealized Dreams

At the end of our lives we would be lucky go quietly into the night, even better, to be blessed with a gentle farewell surrounded by love.

But what if instead, we’re surrounded by unrealized dreams, staring back at you with angry eyes. Sparks of inspiration dated “someday”. […]

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Begin With Your Obituary

What will be said of your life after your last exhale? Will void exist where passionate pursuit once lived, shoes unfilled, an abyss of what could have been?  Or will celebration wear your name, first steps inspired awake by the ranting of one who chose a higher […]

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