Jagged Edge

At the precipice, I stop, gazing over the edge my life flashes. Do I risk crashing, gashing, maiming or should I hold back? Knowing loss too well, I risk reliving a thousandfold death at the jagged edge of promise.

How do I quiet wounds that devoured each day, silence […]

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That is enough

Slumber away, my love. With each breath allow peaceful waves to overtake you, immersing you in a blanket of calm.

Close the door on today’s deeds, it was good, but tomorrow will be better.

Embrace the day’s triumphs and missteps, allow yourself to know that quiet place that is you […]

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Tonight I found things that had been missing so long I had forgotten I’d lost them. Some sparked smiles from a version of me from another time. Others, I couldn’t remember why they were important to keep, but I put them aside, just in case it came […]

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It Just Happens

You can’t help giving your heart away friendship turns to love…
it just happens.

No forewarning, you act and think in possibilities…
it just happens

An enamoring sideswipe of welcomed emotion
or just make it stop…
it just happens

Often irrational, easy to fall irrevocable, difficult to walk away
unintentional, unreasonable, unrelenting…

it just happens

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My mind outwits my senses. Love is damned inconvenient when it’s real,  attaching itself to places in my soul I never knew existed. Making me feel, see, do things differently.

That paradoxical want and not want, simultaneously run away and hold close.  It is that place undiscovered, that when […]

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The Illusion

I spent my entire life falling in love for the wrong reasons. Unconsciously filling a void, compounded by the illusion of my own perceptions. Carefully sealing the door to the possibility of having my gut ripped out again, a self-imposed exile seemed the only option, […]

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I had a dream that I went to heaven…

I was walking toward the gate where I saw Jesus greeting everyone as they entered.

As I drew closer, I began to think of my life and how blessed I am to even be here.

But then my thoughts turned to bonehead […]

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Ebbing Tide

Past winds brush gently,
ignite dormant embers,
remnants in ashes,
awaken a closed abyss.

Vestige in hope amass,
engulf conscious effort,
retreating ocean’s current,
tugging me to it.Perfect moment revived,
unspoken smile,
startled awake embrace,
how I’ve missed you.Eyes close quietly,
deep breath, slow sigh,
love’s reach gasps to live,
exhales, fades away.

Gone, buried deep,
sleeping bliss awaits,
an ebbing tide in time,
that […]

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