Time Machine

The soft cry of a Hopi flute in-weaves a solemn, steady drumbeat, gently imposing on visitor’s conversations, adding richness to the moment that most are unaware.

The wind silently walks through quiet villages, built into the rock, hundreds of years ago, echoing the past.  It Elevates the condor’s outstretched […]

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Somebody’s Somebody

Once a loving mother,
living on the street’
haunted reminiscence’
away from hope’s retreat.

Little league playing brother,
in a moment lost his way,
mislead pride of others,
now steel bars for all his days.

Wide-eyed dreaming daughter,
stranded, alone and lost,
giving away her innocence,
to vermin at a cost.

Used to be someone’s father,
living behind a store,
extinguished […]

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It is Simple

Dormant embers ignite an existence that begins with a single spark. The incontestable knowledge that unveils itself with questionable timing. Is the universe playing a joke to keep us off balance or does God have a plan that has been laid out from the beginning?

Where does […]

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Genius Sleeps

Amazing accomplishment begins in the same place, the mind of an individual.  Left alone, ignored, beaten down, it will accept its chosen lot.

Each encounter with a child is a chance to teach by example, open a mind, plant seeds of greatness, allow a vantage beyond generational curses to […]

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Awaken a Smile

Taste each color,
Red, green and blue
Be silly and play,
Use a branch for a tool,
Smell with your ears,
Listen with your feet,
Hang on the words,
Of people that you meet,
Curiosity run wild,
Again set it free,
Awaken a long ago smile,
a child in you
waiting to be free.

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Spark of Brilliance

Sparks of life were born today. One-surrounded by love, nurtured in patience, embraced in hope. The other – love is non-existent, patience is not an option, and hope is nowhere to be found.

One is woken with a kiss, greeted with a smile and sent off to reach for […]

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