Heartworks is a series of poems and works I carried with me for a while – enjoy them and [lease comment.


On the final stop, before expiring for the night, a butterfly happened on an old man walking. “How are you today sir?” asked the butterfly.

Not stopping, the old man replied: “I am like the butterfly.” Lifting one antenna and a bit taken back by the old man’s […]

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Somebody’s Somebody

Once a loving mother,
living on the street’
haunted reminiscence’
away from hope’s retreat.

Little league playing brother,
in a moment lost his way,
mislead pride of others,
now steel bars for all his days.

Wide-eyed dreaming daughter,
stranded, alone and lost,
giving away her innocence,
to vermin at a cost.

Used to be someone’s father,
living behind a store,
extinguished […]

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Time Stands Still

Soft breaths wisp
gently brushed lobe
tender neck kiss
awakened sensations
ignite every cell
lips move close
breaths entwined
stalling at heartbeats
accepting fingertips
softly encircling arms…
Shoulders smoldering neck
anticipation beckoning
you to hold… on…
breath shortens
eyes flutter
close caressing
reaching inward
all senses viewing
trusting completely
in an instant in light
in love
in you
for a ­moment…
time stands still.

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Hope’s Dream

Today, at the ocean’s edge I sat kneeling in the sand. The cold wind felt like a sandy blanket being pulled across my face. Chills shot through my spine and into the wet sand where I held still, lost.

Crashing waves drown out the sound of the street […]

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Jagged Edge

At the precipice, I stop, gazing over the edge my life flashes. Do I risk crashing, gashing, maiming or should I hold back? Knowing loss too well, I risk reliving a thousandfold death at the jagged edge of promise.

How do I quiet wounds that devoured each day, silence […]

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That is enough

Slumber away, my love. With each breath allow peaceful waves to overtake you, immersing you in a blanket of calm.

Close the door on today’s deeds, it was good, but tomorrow will be better.

Embrace the day’s triumphs and missteps, allow yourself to know that quiet place that is you […]

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I want to be me again

Moments hold me close,
pull me away from the darkness,
Shower me in remembrance,
free whispered smiles,
from behind a locked,
calloused heart,
renew simple love,
of the child in me,
where hand and hand,
she will guide me back,
from the brink. 

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Tonight I found things that had been missing so long I had forgotten I’d lost them. Some sparked smiles from a version of me from another time. Others, I couldn’t remember why they were important to keep, but I put them aside, just in case it came […]

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Incessant wind, ever present flurry,
shredding through my being, a pounded childhood story.

Born of latchkey absence, running it’s no use,
work to drown it out it flows, screaming to be heard.

Heartbreak amplifies frailties, echos from the past,
worthiness and more, or is it less and last.

Stop it, I’ve tried. Calm […]

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