My mind outwits my senses. Love is damned inconvenient when it’s real,  attaching itself to places in my soul I never knew existed. Making me feel, see, do things differently.

That paradoxical want and not want, simultaneously run away and hold close.  It is that place undiscovered, that when […]

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To Forgive

Gaze drifts past tearing drops of rain, as steam paints the cold pane – the first cup of French Roast is always the best. Fingertips roll lightly, echoing her name across the glass canvas, stopping midway through; remembrance’s gift – falling backward.

Our playful grins fade to soft […]

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I had a dream that I went to heaven…

I was walking toward the gate where I saw Jesus greeting everyone as they entered.

As I drew closer, I began to think of my life and how blessed I am to even be here.

But then my thoughts turned to bonehead […]

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