Mongo & Me

Licked face in the morning, Mongo woke first today.
Saying, Hi I’m happy to see you! Come on, let’s go, let’s play!

Washed behind our ears, ready for the day, headed down for breakfast, to fuel before we play!

Playing tug-o-war, running really hard – getting big and strong by […]

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Genius Sleeps

Amazing accomplishment begins in the same place, the mind of an individual.  Left alone, ignored, beaten down, it will accept its chosen lot.

Each encounter with a child is a chance to teach by example, open a mind, plant seeds of greatness, allow a vantage beyond generational curses to […]

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Spark of Brilliance

Sparks of life were born today. One-surrounded by love, nurtured in patience, embraced in hope. The other – love is non-existent, patience is not an option, and hope is nowhere to be found.

One is woken with a kiss, greeted with a smile and sent off to reach for […]

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Hummingbird Kiss

A hummingbird touched my nose today,
I was caught quite by surprise.

He darted back and forth then stopped,
then looked me in the eyes.

He disappeared around my back,
flew spinning behind my knees.

Peeking out to the left, then to the right,
in a game to hide from me.

Wings moving faster than […]

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