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A most difficult question,
upon which to deal,
a personal query,
before it, we kneel.

In a breadth of a breath,
we poke at and snub,
if ne’er it be obtained,
refrain we do not,

Chase if we must,
driven by riddle,
what is the why,
stuck in the middle,

Why should it matter,
why should anyone care,
why insist on […]

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Be the face of what is possible. A catalyst of inspiration. Act instead of speak in a way that questions others to raise the bar of personal evolution.

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To write is to add texture to the tale, promise to prose, flavor to the story. Where love cradled blossoms, giving a home to the imagination and the child in us all, waiting to be woken.
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I turned the corner to find my 1 year old granddaughter at top a tall ladder, trying to touch the sky; no one told her she didn’t know how.

Be the face of the possible; catalyst of inspiration; act instead of speak in a way that questions others to raise the bar […]

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Time Machine

The soft cry of a Hopi flute in-weaves a solemn, steady drumbeat, gently imposing on visitor’s conversations, adding richness to the moment that most are unaware.

The wind silently walks through quiet villages, built into the rock, hundreds of years ago, echoing the past.  It Elevates the condor’s outstretched […]

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On the final stop, before expiring for the night, a butterfly happened on an old man walking. “How are you today sir?” asked the butterfly.

Not stopping, the old man replied: “I am like the butterfly.” Lifting one antenna and a bit taken back by the old man’s […]

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Somebody’s Somebody

Once a loving mother,
living on the street’
haunted reminiscence’
away from hope’s retreat.

Little league playing brother,
in a moment lost his way,
mislead pride of others,
now steel bars for all his days.

Wide-eyed dreaming daughter,
stranded, alone and lost,
giving away her innocence,
to vermin at a cost.

Used to be someone’s father,
living behind a store,
extinguished […]

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It is Simple

Dormant embers ignite an existence that begins with a single spark. The incontestable knowledge that unveils itself with questionable timing. Is the universe playing a joke to keep us off balance or does God have a plan that has been laid out from the beginning?

Where does […]

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Death of Friendship

We’re lucky to have a few close friendships in our lives, That effortless connection that seems like it’s always been and will never go away,

Ups and downs lay the foundation or take their toll on the road to becoming closer or further apart,

Sometimes you simply speak less […]

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