I love working with individuals who raise the bar for themselves constantly. Annoyingly optimistic, I have a ton of energy, focus, and stamina. I am an articulate communicator, with a professional, calm, observant demeanor. Have a voracious appetite for learning and love for personal development to help kids and adults.

My skill-set is varied, mainly because I rarely stepped away from a challenge a client put in front of me. Learning early on, mastery is the only approach to anything. Because of this varied tool chest, many of my clients regard me as their offsite marketing department, creative resource, and business development consultant. Reaching out for more than creative. In fact, many have kept me on a retainer basis, the On-call Marketing Guy as one likes to call me.

My approach to business is one of relationship, having many long-term clients I now consider friends. I believe in being honest with clients instead of pandering and whitewashing. Giving more than is expected, always looking out for the client’s best interest, even if they don’t want to hear it. I plan projects first, knowing planning for outcome makes more sense than running a mouse, hoping for one.

I want to make a difference in the world and work to do that every day in everything I do, knowing it has more to do with the content of my character than anything else. I like that.

Tool Chest

Design & Creative
• Concept design skills, able to quickly produce creative solutions
• Adobe CC software for design, photography, web, print, video, audio
• Microsoft Office products for business development and organization
• Video/audio production and editing
• Script/content writing, story-boarding
• Video, Communication Messaging Voice-over

Web & Social
• Web concept design & planning
• HTML Website to WordPress Migration
• WordPress website development
• WordPress Theme, and customization
• Social media, strategy, set up online advertising
•  SEO set up and strategy
• HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
• SEO copywriting
• Google tools, analytics
• WordPress, Blog, SEO, training

Marketing & Planning
• Strategic planning, brand development, sales, promotion and media relations
• Copywriter able to create relevance messaging specific to an audience
• Data-driven email/variable data direct mail campaigns
• Data-driven 1:1 marketing print, direct mail campaigns strategy, database development, and creative

Management & Operations
• Takes the initiative, loves challenges and finding solutions
• Works well with challenges, under pressure, and deadlines
• Leader, manager, and trainer
• Project management, operations, design, and marketing
• Customer service, sales, logistics, and operations.
• Critical thinking and the development of system efficiencies